VBS and Summer Son Seekers


This week was Summer SonSeekers at Second. It is our VBS. This year’s theme was Agape League. Fun was hd by all of the Perdue Crew. We enjoyed crazy hair day, superhero day, sports day and tacky day. Mostly, are thankful for a church that loves our children enough to teach them the Word of God and its truths. We are blessed!!

IMG_7391 IMG_7393 IMG_7396 IMG_7397 IMG_7398 IMG_7400 IMG_7418  IMG_7448 IMG_7452 IMG_7453 IMG_7454 IMG_7461

Beach Retreat 2014

Once again, our family was blessed to get to participate in the SBCWR Beach Retreat. Jim and I spoke during the morning sessions for the high school boys and girls. The main camp speaker did a fantastic job. it was such a huge spiritual renewal and blessing for so many of our teenagers.

IMG_7236 IMG_7238 IMG_7239 IMG_7251 IMG_7253 IMG_7255 IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7267

Last Day of School

The boys finished their first year at Veritas. It was a great year for them both. It wasn’t with out bumps in the road, but it was still given two thumbs up at when it was all said and done. The last day of school was field day for the boys.

IMG_7029 IMG_7032 IMG_7033Sadie enoyed her last day of school princess party. As you can see, the her class only had four little girls in it all year. They had a fabulous time with Ms. Garner. Just Fabulous!!IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7041

Happy Kindergarten Gradiation Anna Kate!


This is the first time any of my children have participated in kindergarten graduation. She had a wonderful year and it was such a blessing to have her at ten the kindergarten at our church. However, next year she will get to be home with me for the most part. She is looking forward to school with Mommy.




IMG_7045 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7049

This is one of the scenes from the end of the year performance. She ROCKED it!!IMG_7042

Spring Update

I’m such a bad blogger. Ever since Caroline entered our life things have not slowed down.

Our school year ended in May and we have hit the ground running with a trip the lake, beach retreat, baseball camps, VBS, swimming lessons, and so many more fun things planned for this summer. Hopefully, I will get all of it updated before winter arrives. Here are some pictures from spring time.

IMG_6913 Judd will still fall asleep anywhere and he is 7 years old. It cracks me up. He just disappears and then we find him someone knocked out.

IMG_6929 I hate pictures of myself but I’ve started seeing value in them even if I’m uncomfortable., so here’s a little selfie fun with Jake.

Anna Kate and Daddy are superman at school today. IMG_6986 IMG_6999

This is just a glimpse in of what two minutes can look like in the life of Sadie.

Mother’s Day is always a blessed day in our home. My family is awesome…beautiful and chaotic yet awesome.