The Hearts of Man

As I read my Bible today, I was studying the persecution of the apostles right after the Day of Pentecost and I became so burdened for our country. I know many of you that read this blog have already decided who you will vote for, but I fear that if the wrong candidate is elected in 7 days we may very soon face this same persecution as Christians.

As I was reading, I saw that they were persecuted over and over again. Then I read “that they rejoiced that they were considered worthy to suffer shame for His name”, “that they kept right on preaching Jesus”, and “take note of their threats and grant Your bond servants may speak Your word with all confidence.”

There will come a time when we will suffer for His name, but I pray that just as in Acts if we preach Christ many will come to know Him through a real relationship. My God is a powerful God that can bring the dead to life and I know that He can change the hearts of man.

Sweet Baby Girl

Six months! How can this be?
my sweet baby girl is growing so fast and changing everyday. She has two teeth, says da da, rolls all over the house, loves laughing at her brothers. She loves smiling at everyone she sees. But don’t try to take her from her Mama. She loves her mommy and her mommy loves that she loves me so much. If I am in the room no one can hold except for me. Secretly, I love being the only one she wants especially since I know one day very soon I will wake up and she will be

Family, Fun, and the Fair

We arrived home Thursday night at 12:00 central time. It was a good drive home. We have found that driving while the kids sleep is the easiest way to travel.

We had a busy trip to Georgia. Friday night we celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday. I planned a surprise party for her and we spent several hours hanging out with her friends and family. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, October 18.

On Saturday we met Jim’s family at the Perry Fair. There were 19 of us herding around the fair grounds. It was so fun. For those of you that don’t know me I LOVE THE FAIR!!! I didn’t get to eat everything on my list, but I did get a Granny’s Apple Dumpling. YUMMY to my TUMMY!

On Sunday, Jim started a revival at Heritage Baptist Church in Douglasville. The boys stayed with my mom Sunday and Monday. I went back to Warner Robins to go to Dr. Alex Bell. This is a totally different blog entry. I then brought them back to Atlanta for the rest of the week.

We stayed with Jim’s parents and commuted to Douglasville every night. Sunday through Wednesday was very long and exhausting.

It is nice to be home. We enjoyed seeing family, but it is nice to be home. We can’t wait to be at Crosspointe on Sunday.

Here are a few pictures from our week in Georgia.

Of course, Mema was on the phone….

Fun at the Fair
This is a picture of seven of the cousins.
Hot mama and Dan the Man….
The boys LOVED this slide. Judd would just cackle all the way down.

Rabun was very interested in the fair. I am sure that it bored her since she was there everyday:-)
Isn’t she adorable?
This is the buddy system at work. Thank you girls for all of your help.

Tennis Ball

I just loved all of the comments concerning the tennis ball. However, it doesn’t look like we have a real answer. I do believe a new tennis ball is optic yellow and I am starting agree that it may look green once it has been used for a while.

Just like Jim commented, the madness ensues… I wonder who will win the kiddos over to their side. I guess I need to start singing tennis balls are yellow to them every night.:-)

Who’s the Boss?

Jim and I are so proud of Judd. He is almost 22 months old and he is becoming a chatter box. He really didn’t say much until after the tubes were inserted and healed. It is truly amazing how much he is saying. Jim said the other day “I think that Judd is learning new words every hour.” In his newly found language skills, he has become somewhat expressive of his opinions, some people call it bossy. I would like to share a dialogue that I overheard between Jim and Judd.

Judd came running up to Jim. Judd is looking up at Jim with his arms stretched high.
“up” “up” “da da”
Jim picked him up. Usually we would have made him say please but it was early and we were still trying to wake up:-)
“out” “out” “out” as he was continuously pointing to go outside to see the cat
Jim’s response in a kind, fun, yet firm voice: “Judd man you are not the boss. Daddy is the boss.”
Judd replies “no me boss”

Don’t you just love them!

Is Life Fair?

Jake has a new saying “that’s not fair” I have been quick to remind him that he doesn’t want what it fair and what he deserves.

Then again, tonight I hear that we will get what is “fair” if a certain candidate is elected. So, should life be “fair”?

Just remember that we deserve death. It is only by the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross that we do we have life. As followers of Him, we are not promised “fairness” we are told we will have trials and troubles. BUT in Him we have hope.