Sweet Caroline is 18 months

I am so bad about documenting her life. I know that I am going to look back and kick myself in the rear for not putting more on the blog about her. However, I have lots of quick videos and she is on Instagram more than the other babies were.
So, at 18 months, I finally took her bottle away. Ooops! I broke all my rules.
She is talking all the time: she says just about anything she wants to and she communicates with us quite well. She says thank you with kissy lips.
She is a daddy’s girl. Almost to the point that it is frustrating for him when he is home.
She wants to go potty like the big kids. However, she tells me after she has gone potty every time and she is determined to sit on the potty AFTER she has gone in her diaper. I’m not to stressed since I am not in a hurry to potty train her.

She loves her blankie.

She’s had numerous ear infections so it looks like it is time to get tubes. 4 out of 5 kiddos have had tubes. Its not a shocker.

You generally wake up happy and say “hold you”, which is one of your favorite sayings.
You have an obsession with shoes. all shoes. everyone’s shoes. boots, high heels, flip flops, tennis shoes… all shoes.

You love milk.

You do not love vegetables.

You love fruit.

You say “Daddy” 468 times a day (on average).

You say Jake hold you when Daddy isn’t around and mommy is busy.

You are adorable.

You scream for no reason.

You climb on everything, and I find myself saying “no, no” a lot.

You are demanding.

You are a great nighttime sleeper.

You are the Baby, even though you are a toddler.

You can be hysterically funny.

You are loved.

These days are hard days. Long days. Trying times. You are so active and climb on everything. Eat markers. Unroll toilet paper down the hall.

I know all to well that this season is going to be fleeting, but it doesn’t make it any easier today.

I am trying to remember that you are the last one; the baby- there will be no more coming after—oh, that’s love by a different name.

You are the last baby. The one that I hold in my arms for an extra 10-15 minutes after you’ve gone to sleep. If I put you down in the crib, you might wake up changed and fly away.