Quote of the Day

Jim has started something called Quote of the Day. I thought I would share several things Jake has said to me since Anna Kate was born. I know that Jim would never post these quotes.

While I was pregnant with Anna Kate Jake always asked about my belly and he would ask me if it would be small again after the baby came out. I would tell him yes.

The first belly comment came three days after Anna Kate was born. Jake and I took her to the pediatrician for a check up. While we were waiting I picked him up to look out the window and he asked me if my belly was little again. Of course, I told him yes! My sweet little boy looks down and rubs my belly and says “It’s not that little mommy.” Thanks Jake:-)

The second comment came several days later. All of us were playing upstairs. The boys love to tickle and blow on our bellies. They were blowing on Jim’s and then Jake started tickling my belly. As soon as he started I could tell by the look on his face that he was thinking something. This is what he said as he was pushing on my belly, “Mommy, your belly is so squishy.” Once again, Thanks Jake:-)
Little ones keep you humble!

All Alone…

 Anna Kate will be two weeks old on Wednesday. This has been a busy couple of  weeks. My mom, Mema, and Benny came to visit the day Anna Kate was born and stayed until Sunday morning. Mom took the boys to run errands and all of my clothes were washed for 5 days straight. Not to mention all of the diapers and other goodies she hauled up here for us. 

This is a picture that Mom took after Anna Kate’s first bath.

Jim and Benny stayed busy doing jobs around the house. Their greatest accomplishment was painting all of the shutters on the house and the front door. The shutters and door are now black and I am very excited. It looks great. We really enjoyed having them come and visit for a few days. Benny told me that he isn’t planning to make that drive again unless I have another baby. “See you again in 2010”

Nana, Jim’s mom, arrived Sunday afternoon and stayed until Thursday. Nana was also busy helping us with sewing projects and trying to keep up with the boys. Nana even swept and mopped the floors the night before she left. 🙂

Thursday Jim and I had to face the three of the all alone. I think we did a pretty good job. 
Uncle Jim arrived Sunday for an overnight visit. It was good to see him and he got to play with the boys and meet Anna Kate.

It’s Monday, Jim is at work and I am at home with the boys ALL ALONE. They are down for a nap and I must admit today hasn’t been bad. We went to the library and to Walmart to pick up a few things. I am glad that my first day went smoothly. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for this stay at home mommy of three.
I hope to update Wednesday. We are taking all three of the them to the doctor for there well visits.

Best Friends

Anna Kate is 3 days old and she is doing great. We went to the doctor this morning and she is very healthy and almost back to her birth weight.

These are a few pictures that we took yesterday with the boys. Anna Kate lost interest very quickly.

“Best Friends” explanation: One of the prayers that we have for our children is the kids would have a genuine love for and bond with siblings, so recently we started teaching Jake that Judd was his best friend. Jake has really caught on to the concept and he now says that he has two best friends, Judd and Anna Kate. Enjoy the pictures of the “best friends.”

The last picture is one I took of Anna Kate before nap time. I will update more very soon.

She’s here!

I started having contractions at 10:00 PM or so tonight. We arrived at the hospital at 1:20 AM and I was already at 9 centimeters. It was too late for ANY medication or epidural so I delivered her completely natural at 1:54 AM. I pushed for two minutes.

She was born April 9, 2008, at 1:54 AM. She weighed 6 lbs and 15 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Still no name yet but that update will come soon!

It’s Official

It’s official this is the longest I have ever been pregnant. After having two kids and being pregnant with this little girl this is the longest I have ever been pregnant. Jake was born 13 days early, Judd 9 days early, and here I am 8 days away from my due date wondering if I am going to carry this little lady until April 16. A whole 40 weeks! I don’t think I can be pregnant for 10 months! Yikes! I just hope she isn’t getting to big staying in there baking so long.

I have been doing aerobics everyday for a week and then walking at night several times. Today she seems to be very low, but that could be a my imagination. I am either really sore from working out so hard or she has dropped lower because I am in full waddle mode.

I go to the doctor for my 39 week check up tomorrow. We will see what he has to say. Hopefully, she will come before next Wednesday. Actually, Thursday would be fabulous!