When I was pregnant with Sadie I craved and pretty much lived off of watermelon from July until October. A couple of weeks ago, we introduced watermelon to her outside of the womb and she LOVES it!!! She will not eat anything else if she sees that it is on the table.

Cravings? Do your kids love what you craved during your pregnancies?

2011-2012 Curriculum Choices

The freedom and relaxation of summer days are quickly coming to an end in our home. Thankfully, the heat will stay around for a few more months…

The beginning of August marks another school year for this home educating household. It is such a blessing for my OCD brain that August 1 is a Monday this year. 
Jake: First Grade
Bible- AWANA and Family Worship. Hopefully, we will get a Grapevine Bible Study.
Grammar- First Language Lessons
History and Science- Classical Conversations Foundations Curriculum
Phonics, Language, Spelling, Writing and Math- A beka 2

Judd: Pre-K/K
Bible- AWANA and Family Worship
Grammar- First Language Lessons
History and Science- Classical Conversations Foundations Curriculum
Phonics, Language, Writing and Math- A beka K and Beginning to Read, Write and Listen Books
This is going to be a great year. Although, I am sad to see summer leave so quickly I know that we are ready for a more structured routine in the Perdue home.

The Many Faces of Judd Part II

A couple of years ago, I wrote this post about Judd. It was a fun post that showed a sneak peak into his quiet, fun-loving, gentle spirit. Just so happens, he was the only one not sick in our house on Monday and Tuesday.  I was able to capture a few more pictures of the many faces of Judd during a popsicle time out on the front porch. I love this kid! It is hard to believe that  he is 4 1/2 years old. I blinked and it happened over night!

Jackson Lake 2011

Our annual vacation to Jackson Lake was loads of fun this year. The kids made many memories with their cousins. The boys learned to ski and loved tubing. Anna Kate and Rabun shared a room this year and we all wonder what three year old girls have to talk about until 11 o’clock when they should be sleeping. Sadie enjoyed chicken and corn on the cob. Sadie’s first tooth also cut through this week and took 7 steps. This was a great week.

The Whole Gang
Prior to the beginning of the official “Lake Week,” and before the arrival of the whole gang we planned to take the boys canoeing down the Ocmulgee river with Papa Wayne .  The boys had a blast. We canoed a total of 6 miles. We stopped several times to let them play in the water and eat snacks. It was fun and we can’t wait to go back next year.

Coming up

Drafts are started…
Posts are ready…
Updates are pending….

I just can’t seem to find time to update my blog lately. Could it be vacation? Could it be 3 out of 4 kids hurling and running a fever this week? Could it be enjoying the last two weeks before Perdue Academy starts for the 2011-2012 school year? Yes, it could be all of those things…

I will catch up soon. Very soon! With a lot of pictures!

Thankfulness #326-345

326. stacks and stacks of books all over my house – while the clutter is driving me crazy, I know it’s  because we are LEARNING!

327. Big Buddy and Nana coming for a short visit

328. Enjoying a sweet time of fellowship during our 4th of July celebration at Crosspointe.

329. Kids doing fireworks and sparklers with Jim

330. Seeing my 6 year old leave to go to Nanacamp for the first time

331. I am thankful for Jake.

332. I miss him.

333. the privilege of being Jake’s mama.  

334. Jake’s dirty laundry

335. his smile

336. his grumpy times

337. his blue eyes

338. for the ways he fusses with and loves on his brother and sisters

339. his intelligence

340. his character  

341. For his love for the Lord

342. For his desire to know the things of God

343. Judd’s loving hugs
344. for Judd’s sense of humor

345. for Anna Kate’s kisses and sweet hugs 

Thankfulness #300-325

300. A fantastic day

301. The surprise $.25 cent trolley rides
302. The perfect timing and seating to see the Peabody ducks…
303. The exact perfect total at Kooky Canuck that allowed every family to eat for a total of $10 including tip!  
304. Wow- I love how God answers our prayers and takes care of us!!!

305. All of these happened during a play date to downtown Memphis with 10 adults and 25 kids.  

306. the Moby Wrap
307. a new book, The Ministry of Motherhood, just what I need to read. 
308. a house with a POOL!
309. lots of hours outside
310. playing outside until after bedtime
311. using play swords tonight during family worship. We were teaching the Heb 4:12. They loved it.
312. a cleaned out bathroom drawer
313. savoring the last summer that I will have a 6 yr, 4yr, 3 yr, and 8 1/2 month old.
313. Sadie’s first steps
314. Sadie sleeping until 7:00 a.m. 
315. the friends that call or email just to let me know they care.
316. helping hands with 6 kiddos during a play date.
317. the first fruits from our garden that we are enjoying this week. Although, I am sad that bugs are eating all of our squash. 
318. watermelon for $3.25
319. studying the book of Jonah with Jake and teaching him how to underline in his Bible.
320. an 8 1/2 old baby that is still nursing even after I thought she may wean hereslf by this point.
321. new school curriculum arriving in the mail.
322. seeing Judd’s excitement over “his school books”
323. a date night with my hubby
324. free tickets to see Cars 2
325. sweet friends to watch my kids today.