Happy Birthday to You!

While we were in Georgia a few weeks ago, we celebrated Sadie’s 1st birthday with family. My mom did a great job getting her cake ordered and picked-up while Jim and I were on the cruise. 
 Sadie didn’t enjoy her birthday party. She was ill and hungry.

 She didn’t really know what to think about the icing on her hands.

 Well, that bite was pretty tasty…

 no..No..NO… Cake is not what she wanted to eat at this time. She cried most of the time until I finally fixed her a real dinner. Poor baby, she hated her cake and ice cream!

 Aww, she got her first baby doll.

There it is… her dashing smile!

Baby Sadie Turns One

My sweet baby Sadie is 1! Even though this is my fourth time around, I still can’t get over how fast they grow up. I remember when I had my first, everyone said “don’t blink because they will grow up fast”. I didn’t believe it was true at the time but now I understand why they warned me.

Words simply cannot express the joy that our precious baby girl has brought to our lives over the past year.

Sadie you are no longer an infant, but considered a toddler. And toddle you do. You are no longer nursing just drinking rice milk. Gone are the jars of baby food (you have five teeth with two more on the way!). I’ve put away the excersaucer and baby swing many months ago. I have to buy you real shoes because you navigate this whole walking thing too well. You are in every way attached to mommy just like your sister was at this age. You are an extension of my right hip. I have learned once again this past year to do almost everything with one hand. Daddy says you are spoiled and I say you are loved. I just cherish this time because I know that it will not last long. I realize that it will pass quickly.

A whole year brings so many changes in the life of a baby, and it’s bittersweet. Gone are those precious real baby moments as I start to see a little personality emerge.

I’m sad to lose those baby moments, but happy to see those fun, and funny, changes that are surfacing. Teasing us when handing us a toy then pulling it away while laughing; scooting away from us across the room as we call your name to come back, then looking over your shoulder and squealing with delight. Just today you have started holding a phone to your ear to “talk.” We love to see the excitement when you see your big brothers or sister walk through the door. Signing “milk,” “more, “please” and pageant waving to complete strangers, but only if I am holding you. A certain pickiness when served different types of foods, and falling in love with puffcorn and mandarin oranges.  My favorite is to see your beautiful smile light up the room.

Bittersweet yes, but a part life. My hope for you as you grow is to be a woman whole seeks to serve God, know Jesus intimately and have a life full of joy. I am also hoping she doesn’t develop my stubborn streak – what is that they say about what goes around?

We love you so much Sadie Grace! You spunky little lady!

Just One Afternoon…

Today we were spending some time outside before Jim arrived home from work. I decided it would be a good afternoon to try and take some pictures of the kids in the yard, little did I know that I would capture such a sweet moment. 
This is all of the kids trying to get the cat, Spot. They ended up surrounding her after Sadie chased her across the yard calling her “dog.” Dog is Sadie’s newest word and she uses it for all furry creatures.

Here is where the moment was captured: Just after taking the above picture, I announced “Daddy’s home” and the following pictures tell the rest of the story.

I know that I have blogged about this daily event before but I just loved that I know how the whole experience captured.

Here is another point to ponder: How often do we run to our heavenly Father with this much excitement, just to be in his presence?

I HEART the Fair!

Big Buddy, Nana, Mema, Uncle Dan and Aunt Jessica took the kids to the fair while Jim and I cruised in the Bahamas. Cousins make life sweeter!

This is round 2 of the Georgia National Fair. Jim, Dan, Jessica and I took the kids back to the fair Saturday morning.

Jim and I both get queasy on the rides so we decided to alternate. I decided that it would be fun to take the boys on a big ride, one that I loved when I was younger.

Oh boy, little did I realize that ride was much HIGHER as an older mother of four children! This was craziness. We went really high in the air and then they tilted us toward the ground. I just held on tightly to Judd because I knew he was going to fall right out, but look at him he is LOVING it. No Fear just like his daddy! I do have a side story about the this ride. 
Jake is going more afraid of heights like me. We were told that he was not happy about riding the Ferris Wheel, which I don’t blame him. What is the point of being so high up? Jim being the good dad he is decided that this needed a “when I was a boy” story. The story goes a little something like this : When I was a boy I grew up climbing up and down the really tall grain elevators at Big Buddies business. There isn’t any reason to be afraid.  Keeping that in mind, we were on this really high, tilting ride and a some point during one of the tilting moments Jake says “mydaddygrewupclimbingongrainbins.” It was really cute that he was using that story as reassurance. 
Look we found more cousins! Hi Sunni and Mary Kate!

2 boys 1 sheep 6 seconds

On Saturday, we took the kids back for Day 2 of the Georgia National Fair.  The boys got to enjoy and fun opportunity. The previous day they saw that you could ride sheep for fun. They wanted to be Wooly Riders. Wooly Riders is open to any child ages 3-6 weighing less than 60 pounds. We decided to sign them up for the 1:30 ride. We arrived at 1:15 so they could get there gear on, weigh in and receive a few instructions before the race started. Jake weighed in at exactly 60 pounds. Both boys enjoyed the race, however, Jake was stepped on by the sheep so I am sure that he is glad that this is his last year to compete. On the other hand, Judd will be the first to sign up next year, maybe we will even get him a pair of chaps to wear. 

 Here goes Jake…..

 Here comes Judd…..