Thankfulness #153-171

I am thankful for:

153. completing another fabulous week of school.

154. planning a “Fancy Nancy” 3rd birthday party for Anna Kate.
155. hearing “Mommy, that outfit is so pretty.” from AK as we are leaving to go to church.
156. dress shoes and tutus.
157. my man studying before delivering his message on Sunday night.

158. crazy conversations at lunch.
159. big hugs and kisses before bedtime from all of my kiddos.
160. uninterrupted quality time with Sadie after the other kiddos are in bed. She is so stinkin’ cute!
161. freshly mopped floors
162. forts being made while I am mopping the floors.

163. sweet smiles watching while I mop the kitchen floors.
164. little 5 month old feet.

165. a trip to the zoo with friends from church.
166. finishing Deuteronomy and starting the Book of Joshua this week as I read through the Bible chronologically again this year.
167. a fun conversation with my sister-in-law.
168. finally choosing correctly more winning teams on my bracket than anyone in the family!
169. a story about butterflies.

170. that my hubby surprised me by coming home 15 minutes early.
171. a family night watching Yogi Bear!

Shear Magic

Today Miss Anna Kate went to see Ms. Michelle at Hair Jungle for her first big girl hair cut. She was so excited. She kept asking me if we were going to cut the front and I told her we were just going to trim it in the back to make it even. Jim thought that she may not enjoy it…what do you think?

Michelle was so sweet she even curled it for the Little Lady.

 She is such a girlie girl!! I love this little girl! She is my mini-me!

Thankfulness #127-152

I am thankful for
127. Being able to catching up with my awesome friend,Kelli, for a few minutes.
128. Counting down the days until Christine Barnes has her sweet baby boy, Logan.
129. The small blessings that Lucy Krull is able to have each day. Praying for this family!
130. Ahhh..!! A large sweet tea from McDonalds after another night without sleep!
131. Selection Sunday for the NCAA tournament.
132. Simple Perdue traditions: March Madness Brackets.
133. Judd filling out his first bracket.
134. The fun, laughter, teaching, learning, and growing friendship that happen in our home around sports.
135. Giggles flowing out of our boys’ bedroom at bedtime
136. Lunch with my family at the new Chick-fl-a in Millington.
137. A nap
138. A beautiful day at the park with friends.
139. An awesome birthday filled with quite a few surprises.
140. Gift cards for Chick-fli-a, McDonalds, Olympic, and Casa Mexicana for my birthday. All from my Momma. She loves me! 
141. A mom that is always thinking of my needs. She knew that not having to cook dinner on stressful nights would be such a wonderful thing for my sanity and my bank account.
142. A husband who bought me a new lens for my camera. Love it!
143. New running shoes….!!! for my birthday!
144. A 1.5 run/walk on my birthday. It has been a long time.
145. A sweet service at Crosspointe on Sunday even though all of the lights and air were out for most of the service.
144. A new Sunday school that I have been visiting. God is working in that class!
146. Hearing Jim playing with Little Sadie Baby! He just said “Baby, I love you but you can’t eat my iPhone.”
147. Seeing my baby girl get on all fours and start rocking like she might start crawling. Is this really going to happen?
148. A quick date with my hubby to see the movie Grace Card.
149. Dairy-free Cookie Dough ice cream
150. Pulling weeds, planting seeds, playing outside with the kids. I love my life!
151. My hubby knowing the perfect scripture for me in a time of need. I knew it, but just needed a reminder. The Word makes all thing right:  Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
152. Hearing from my Pastor, that I am not in control it is just an illusion of control. The Lord is in control!

Table Talk

Today we were all eating lunch together and enjoying a wonderful conversation. The boys started discussing that they were going to work on their AWANA Grand Prix car this afternoon. This is how the conversation proceeded and ended!
Anna Kate: I want to go.
Mommy: Not this time, just the boys are going. We are going to stay here and do girl stuff. What kind of girl stuff do you want to do tonight?
Anna Kate: Ummm
Judd: Well you can clean the whole house and do girl stuff like that…
Mommy: huh, (looking at and talking to Jim) You better teach that boy better!

What? Who taught him such language? It is quite interesting that he would say that since his daddy helps me clean the house all the time and the boys are always cleaning something to help.

That Judd! I love that boy!

Then Jake:
Jake just told me “I’m gonna keep praying about it.” 

Me: “About what?” 
Jake: “You having another baby.”… 
Judd “Yeah, then your car will be full.” 
WHAT??? Sadie is only 4 months!!!

That Jake! I love that boy!

Blogiversary-March Madness is here again!

What significant sporting event happened yesterday? Long-time readers of this blog will know the  Selection Sunday: the day when the college basketball teams are selected for the NCAA tournament.

But really, it’s not the winning or even the tournament that is important, is it? Traditions (yes, even sports traditions, ladies!) are a chance to make fun memories with my son and the rest of my family.
I love all the fun, laughter, teaching, learning, and growing friendship that happen in our home around sports.

Thankfulness #101-126

I am so thankful for:

101. Getting Scotch-Brite Pads for FREE today at Walmart!
102. For a Mom who likes to coupon shop! Too much time and effort for me! I wouldn’t have time to blog:-)
103. A husband who likes to read the Word to his boys! and girls!
104. Jesus loving and setting me free.
105. Jesus giving His life just for me.
106.  Standing next to my six year old Sunday and hearing him sing, “Our God is Greater.” Pure joy! 
107. The love my kiddos have for their siblings.
108. Catching my boys adoring their baby sister several times this week.
109. Hearing Jake read his first chapter book, Flat Stanley, this week.

110. Anna Kate’s love for girly things. She loves anything “pretty,” necklaces, watches, purses, and shoes.
111. Mommy sandwiches!

112. Sweet Sadie staying in the childcare without crying too much.
113. A day to get our garden ready to plant.

114. Anna Kate’s “my daddy.”

115. Sadie letting her brother play with her instead of crying every time he holds her.

116.  A quiet house after a busy day.
117.  My birthday is in 7 days.
118.  That the boys are signed up to play baseball.
119.  Cereal for dinner AGAIN tonight!
120.  A healthy 12 lbs and 12 oz baby girl.
121.  Watching my hubby baptize a friend this morning.
122.  My four year old can be found napping at random places in the house.

123. My Bulldogs making to the tournament.
124. My mom enjoying her second week in her new small group.
125. Sweet conversations with my daddy.
126. Hearing AK say “I love you second!”

3:22 p.m.

At 3:22 p.m., I looked around my house and this is what I saw:

A sink full of dishes from lunch!
A four year old that thinks he doesn’t need a nap!
A living room full of toys!
Maybe he does still need a nap! Too sweet!
The most precious smile…