Today, our first born turns 10.  He is the one who made us parents. We are entering the double digits now, and I’m not sure I’m prepared. I always get a little weepy at the passing of time, even though I really wouldn’t want to go back to two or five or eight year old Jake because I enjoy watching him become a man. It’s change. He’s no longer a little boy. although, he can still act like one!

In honor of turning 10,  I wanted list 10 things I love about you Jake:

  1. You are a a loyal friend, who loves Jesus and knows your Bible.
  2. I love how you tell jokes that only you understand and be totally amused by your own silliness. However, I find that the older you get more often we laugh at the same jokes now.
  3. I love your wonderfully cute smile.
  4. I love our talks about real life stuff. I know they are just beginning but I pray that you will always come to me or your daddy with questions.
  5. I love your brilliant mind…you are super smart,
  6. I love how you enjoy working with your hands. You asked for a wedge and mallet for your birthday. Seriously, that’s what you wanted. And that’s what you got.
  7. I love how you STILL don’t like girls. Momma is the only lady for you.
  8. I love how you enjoy reading. Just remember to live in the real world.
  9. I love how you and your brother are best friends. The two of you absolutely love spending time together.
  10. I love how you appreciate the little things in life. You are grateful and loving.

Thank you for your help with Caroline. Don’t ever forget that I will love you no matter what. We are all flawed and we all make mistakes. We love you unconditionally, however, God loves you even more than we do. Don’t ever forget that forgiveness and restoration are beautiful things.

Things I don’t want to forget: your love for bacon

Sweet Caroline is 18 months

I am so bad about documenting her life. I know that I am going to look back and kick myself in the rear for not putting more on the blog about her. However, I have lots of quick videos and she is on Instagram more than the other babies were.
So, at 18 months, I finally took her bottle away. Ooops! I broke all my rules.
She is talking all the time: she says just about anything she wants to and she communicates with us quite well. She says thank you with kissy lips.
She is a daddy’s girl. Almost to the point that it is frustrating for him when he is home.
She wants to go potty like the big kids. However, she tells me after she has gone potty every time and she is determined to sit on the potty AFTER she has gone in her diaper. I’m not to stressed since I am not in a hurry to potty train her.

She loves her blankie.

She’s had numerous ear infections so it looks like it is time to get tubes. 4 out of 5 kiddos have had tubes. Its not a shocker.

You generally wake up happy and say “hold you”, which is one of your favorite sayings.
You have an obsession with shoes. all shoes. everyone’s shoes. boots, high heels, flip flops, tennis shoes… all shoes.

You love milk.

You do not love vegetables.

You love fruit.

You say “Daddy” 468 times a day (on average).

You say Jake hold you when Daddy isn’t around and mommy is busy.

You are adorable.

You scream for no reason.

You climb on everything, and I find myself saying “no, no” a lot.

You are demanding.

You are a great nighttime sleeper.

You are the Baby, even though you are a toddler.

You can be hysterically funny.

You are loved.

These days are hard days. Long days. Trying times. You are so active and climb on everything. Eat markers. Unroll toilet paper down the hall.

I know all to well that this season is going to be fleeting, but it doesn’t make it any easier today.

I am trying to remember that you are the last one; the baby- there will be no more coming after—oh, that’s love by a different name.

You are the last baby. The one that I hold in my arms for an extra 10-15 minutes after you’ve gone to sleep. If I put you down in the crib, you might wake up changed and fly away.

The Baby Boy is Eight


How did my boy get to be 8?  It’s impossible that 8 years have gone by! It’s hard to believe.  He’s always been my little cuddly boy.  Thankfully, he still likes to cuddle and promises that he will forever.  I will be holding him to this.


It is so hard to believe that one minute you’re changing their diapers, the next you’re teaching them to ride a bike, and before you know it they go and turn 8! I’m going to blink twice, and he’ll be graduating high school.


Judd, You are getting so big. You are such a jokester. You love to tell us jokes. You are so full of life and fun…and it’s so adorable to listen to you. You are so smart. You are courageous. You are strong, yet gentle and sweet. Your smile lights up each day. You have so many talents that your possibilities are endless and I am so excited to see where life takes you. I love that you are so passionate about sports, about learning and you try so hard at school. You are such a blessing to your teachers and your friends.


I want you to know I’m proud of the young man you’ve become. I love the way you love your sisters (most days). I love the way you are a good friend to others and best friends with Jake. I love the way you give generously. I am proud of you, son.


I pray that you continue to follow God’s Word and look up to your Daddy as an amazing example. He is a great a great man of God and loves us deeply. This is a prayer that I have for you this year:

Psalm 63:8, “Lord, please instill in Judd a soul with a craving for You, a heart that clings passionately to You.”

Happy Birthday, Judd!!

Christmas 2014 “FLU” by

Today I am thankful. Very thankful. Thankful for the little things. This Christmas season has been one for the books. One I hope not to repeat this year, but it was still a great day. The past two weeks have been a bit interesting with sickness in our home, we’ve had hand foot and mouth, a serious ear infection, 3 flu victims and 4 bottles of amoxicillin. I know that there have been people praying for our family to get well soon. I appreciate their prayers. All of them. Prayers for my sanity and prayers for the sickness to end quickly. Those prayers have been answered in several ways. All three flu victims were only REALLY sick for 3-4 days not 7-10 and that is a huge difference in a family this large. #thankful

This Christmas wasn’t exactly what I planned. I didn’t get to do gingerbread houses like I planned. I didn’t get to go look at Christmas lights liked I planned. As I was reminded this week to not get discouraged because many are the plans of a mom’s heart, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. This morning we were blessed to have everyone fever free all day. The day after Christmas could be different, but for this day everyone was fever free. We spent our day at home so that we wouldn’t get any of our family members sick. We’ve missed 3 family events and that is not fun, but we were able to talk to them or FaceTime. #thankful

DSC_0510My kids were so thankful and appreciative of their Christmas gifts. I love how they receive gifts and how they love to give to one another. #thankful

DSC_0514DSC_0517All day I have reflected on those who have so much more going on in their lives: lost loved ones, sick parents or spouses, and families torn apart for various reasons. When I look at our Christmas flu it is so meager compared to those bigger issues. I don’t do well with sickness. I’m not a mom of mercy and I know that when certain kids get sick it shows the ugliness of my heart. I’m praying that as this Christmas season comes to a close that I will see His mercy and grace in the little ways He provided for us this year. #thankful


Merry Christmas! So as this day ends, I am counting our blessings. Many of which include and begin with God’s rich and unfailing love and Jesus’ miraculous birth. Thankfully it didn’t end with His birth because His perfect sinless example of living life and His sacrifice gave me the opportunity for salvation. My family and friends, I am so very thankful for them. I am thankful for their patience with me, their love for me, and for their health. I am blessed. My heart is full. #thankful

IMG_8654       DSC_0496

This is how she went to bed and woke up a little nauseous, however, by lunch she was all smiles and getting into the Christmas spirit.


DSC_0498 All of the kids enjoyed watching Caroline open her presents.

IMG_8657Everyone needs to wear a leotard and skates while pushes their three babies. The twins were born this Christmas and Katy in the back is 5. She’s a good momma.

Sadie Lady Turns Quatro

IT feels like just a MINUTE ago, my baby girl Sadie was born.


I don’t ever want to forget:
Pony tails: they are a must during this season of your life. You want pony tails and braids.
High heels: You love high heels.
Lipstick: lip gloss is your favorite
Make up: you want to wear make-up but you really like for mommy to wear make up
Running: you love to put on your “gym clothes” and go run around the drive way and come back “tired” just like mommy.

Time really does zoom by, when you are having fun

You are:

A princess to the king
You are destined
You have a gift to make everyone feel special.
You know everyone.
You love all people.You do question everything that looks different, which can be embarrassing, but you are learning. You really like for me to wear make up and remind me when I “forget.”We thank the Lord for you and all of your traits even before we know how he will use you. We praise Him for the battles we have to “fight” everyday. He has mighty and for you little lady, my Sadie!


Eph 2:10: prayer for Sadie
Reign in your own desires and follow the Lord’s path that He has laid out before you.

On October 22, Sadie turns 4. Her birthday celebration was cancelled and rescheduled due to sickness and Mommy and Daddy going on a trip. We are planning to have a gymnastics party. It has been postponed until everyone gets well and we arrive home.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Sadie, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Sadie Lady, You love your family so much.  We pray heaps of blessings on you this year, knowing that your future is bright. You my love, are going to do big things in life. You are a treasure to mommy and daddy!!
IMG_8174 IMG_8181

Judd’s Baptism


Tonight, June 22, 2014, Judd made his decision to follow Christ public through baptism. Our church held a baptismal service during our Family Fun Night at the Agricenter in Perry. Judd is the only one in our family so far that can say he was baptized in cattle trough.

He has been asking us for several years to get baptized. He actually made his Profession of Faith Aug 26, 2012, which was the night that Jake was baptized. He had asked us periodically if he could be baptized. He wanted everyone to know that he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.


It was an awesome night and I am thankful that he has taken this step of faith. I pray for his as he continues to live for the Lord. He is so young but God has such an amazing plan for his life. I just pray that I don’t get in the way of what God wants to do in and through Judd. We are blessed to be his parents. This is Judd Perdue and he is not ashamed!

IMG_7513       DSC_0197  IMG_7518    IMG_7520


Summer SonSeekers

This summer the boys participated in Summer SonSeekers at church. The presented the musical Agape League. Jake was IronBlade whose part lost his super ability, self control, and Judd was Golden Guy whose ability was goodness.

They spent months rehearing and both fellas did a great job performing. They honored Jesus and our church very well.

IMG_7481  IMG_7502




As in AnnaKateisms. I love a glimpse inside my girl’s mind, and the things she says always make me think, make me smile or make me laugh out loud. We have been collecting this list for several years. I’m adding them now because I just don’t want to ever forget.

I hear your computation (conversation)
She doesn’t t write like a human she scribbles
Extrasice (exercise)
Can you speak it up
Can you pause that ( while reading)
I just saw a bandage truck (ambulance)
I want to do junenastics (gymnastics).
Mommy, where is my brain?
Ran all the way through a screen door-hilarious.
We are at the Theodore (theatre) to watch Despicable Me
I saw the North Pole star (North Star) yesterday.
The physical appearance of the please makes no difference. The answer is still no.

Today she got he clip pulled 2 twice. She told ms. Hopper: I don’t know why I’m crying. I can’t stop it. It starts in my heart and goes all the way up and comes out of my eyes. I just can’t stop it. Ms. Hopper told her that it was Jesus making it happen and that it was good that she felt that way…. #emotional #teenyearswillbeinteresting

Mommy, “it’s like there’s a party in my head”
Hahaha!! Ak is shooting the ball and she said I need to get the ball in home plate. Confused?

Are you hungry? AK: “My stomach tells me that I’m not, and my stomach tells me that I am.”

Ak: mom your eyes look really bad.
Me: I know babe I don’t have make up on
Ak: are you going to put make up on so your eyes don’t look so bad?
Me: yes
Ak: What will people say if you don’t put make up on your eyes?

I’m getting a pear. A pair of gloves.

AK keeps us laughing all.the.time. She just came down stairs and said “daddy the falcons are playing my favorite sea creature (the dolphins).”

Daddy, when I’m older can we invite a lot of men over here and who ever works the hardest, loves Jesus the most and prays the best we will pick to be my husband.

Life is always fun with this little lady in our house.


First Day of School 2014-2015

Its the first day of school !!! Actually, the first day of school fell on different days for them but for the sake of time we will just pretend that the first day was today, August 19, 1014. It is hard to believe that I have a fourth grader, second grader, first grader and a preschooler. Jake was the least excited about school this year. I think his smile was fake and for me! We are blessed to be homeschooling again this year usually a hybrid of two days a week they are in “school” and the other three they at are home with me. I am praying that is it a great year for everyone.

IMG_7939 IMG_7940 IMG_7942IMG_7936